Amsteel Blue Synthetic Winchline

Our winchline's are 100% Genuine AmSteel®-Blue, not some cheap imitation. Well known for strength, flexibility and durability. AmSteel®-Blue has proven itself time and time again. All winchline's come with a SS thimble or an optional industrial grade powder coated tube thimbles, 10' of heat guard, 10’ of rock guard, and a ring terminal for attaching to the drum of your winch. All winchline’s are professionally spliced and made to your specifications. Compared to wire ,AmSteel®-Blue is lighter weight, easier to handle, floats and safer.

  • 3/8" Winchline (17,600 lbs)

    3/8" Winchline (17,600 lbs)

  • 5/16" Winchline (12,300 lbs)

    5/16" Winchline (12,300 lbs)

  • 7/16" Winchline (21,500 lbs)

    7/16" Winchline (21,500 lbs)