The SPIDERWEBSHADE is exactly what Jeep owners have been looking for. Our one to four-piece Jeep Wrangler and Jeep JK mesh tops beautifully fit all Jeep Wrangler YJ 1987-1995, Jeep Wrangler TJ 1997-2006, Jeep JK 2D and 4D Unlimited models 2007- current. SPIDERWEBSHADEs fit right under Jeep Wrangler Hard Tops, Soft Tops, and Bikini Tops. It does not get in the way, it NEVER has to be removed and you will love the way it looks! SPIDERWEBSHADEs are proudly produced in the United States of America at our Orlando, FL manufacturing facility. The SPIDERWEBSHADE for Jeeps is the world’s most effective solution for blocking the sun’s scorching rays from your head, face and neck while drastically reducing the wind noise at highway speeds. The SPIDERWEBSHADE for Jeeps uses only the highest quality mesh materials on earth. We are now offering 10 color options to suit the needs of any Jeeper.

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  • Spiderwebshades Trash Bags

    Spiderwebshades Trash Bags

  • Jeep YJ 1987-1996

    Jeep YJ 1987-1996

  • Jeep TJ 1997-2006

    Jeep TJ 1997-2006

  • JK 2 Door 2007- Present

    JK 2 Door 2007- Present

  • JK 4 Door 2007-Present

    JK 4 Door 2007-Present